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Full Stack Development

Need to hire a full stack developer or flutter developer to build android and IOS app for an e-commerce platform.
Can work on a flutter template that is readily available at websites such as Evanto, so UI/UX is not a major concern. Backend integrations will be the area where most time will be spent.
This is a quick turaround task and the scope of work won’t involve native app build.

Email Marketing Expert

We are a Web Developer and  SEO agency in Nairobi, Kenya and want to find an Email Marketing expert.

Please let us know about your expertise, and what your charge would be.

Initially we’d start with a couple of test campaigns and see how you’d perform, and if it works well, I’ll add more of our clients campaigns. Meaning, first we can market our SEO services, and based on the results of that, we can expand the reach to prospects for our clients services / products as well.

Please, answer the following questions:
1) If hired today, how soon can you start?
2) How soon do usually results (conversions) show up?
3) What would be your best price you’d charge?
4) Based on your experience, what would be a good source of email addresses / names (so they can be personalized), that can get to their inboxes and not go to spam?
5) Why should we consider you, instead of the other experts who reply to this ad?

Thank you

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